Lead generation for Skylux

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Strategy, SEA, Digital Design


Google Search has grown to a demand-driven connection point. People reflexively turn to Search when they want to discover, learn or make purchase decisions. Being presents in these moments are therefore crucial touchpoints in the customer journey. Skylux saw this as an opportunity to engage with new audiences in the moments that matter.


While we were rolling out the Google Search campaigns for Skylux across Europe, Google was rolling out their new automation tools. This was a perfect opportunity to discover a new way of optimization. We believe automation is key to take Search from good to great. That's why we started experimenting with several campaigns to maximize conversions and lower the amount of manual work and ad spend.


The combination of maximizing conversions and lowering manual work and ad spend has proven to work great for Skylux. Over the years we've increased leads significantly and lowered cost per conversions on average by -50%. Today, we are constantly experimenting with new opportunities and tools that can increase the campaign performance for Skylux across Europe.

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